Web director / Ski instructors


About Us


Joined the financial department of a major IT company after graduating from university. Through the main member of Head office relocation project and CS leader, I achieve independence.

In local Tottori (the fewest population in Japan), I perform regional creation support activities and web marketing direction for inbound correspondence. Design direction of major company Own Media, planning, editing, PR of corporate site, entrance at WordPress event, etc. Additionally, a solid ski instructor possesses over 15 years. Besides Japanese, I also teach overseas tourists and international students.

Teach skiing(@Daisen)

I have been teaching Japanese and overseas tourists to ski for over 15 years. In the past, I also have the experience of participating in the national competition at the Japanese convention in ski competition. Enjoying skiing is my teaching goals.

Web / Media

We will work with customers such as web design, web production, SEO countermeasure, operation method after production from direction. Through media, we will help build and support Own Media to increase the value of products from branding.

business support

In Japan/Taiwan. From entering Taiwan, we set up local subsidiary, local support (interpreter, translation etc), we will also search for business partners in Taiwan.



WordCamp Kyoto 2017

This is a video I took at the WordPress event "WordCamp Kyoto 2017".